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G2A is an online digital marketplace that sells video games in digital formats. The main products focus on major platforms like Steam, Uplay, Origin, PSN, and Xbox. The company sells everything from video games, software downloads and licenses, gift cards, and gaming accessories to consumer electronics. G2A has built an ecosystem designed for gamers. Customers can buy digital products and licenses from other sellers as well as sell their own products in the G2A marketplace.

G2A is a trusted digital marketplace for gaming, computer software, and other digital goods like streaming subscriptions and gift cards. Purchases are delivered in digital format via email as product activation codes, allowing buyers to redeem and access their content on various platforms and apps. Among other digital marketplaces, G2A stands out for its emphasis on safe digital transactions and fraud prevention. It offers more than 200 secure payment methods and requires all sellers to be registered businesses as part of its rigorous verification process.

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G2A Saving Tips

  • Look through their “Trending Products” to see popular items on sale.
  • Browse through the main categories on the site. As you look through the products, you'll see that there are many products that are sold at discounted rates. It'll be marked by a certain “% off” label and/or a "Hot Deal" label.
  • Scroll down to the main page to the section labeled "Cheap Products." You will find a list of products being sold at rock-bottom prices. The products are categorized by up to 1 EUR to all the way to up to 30 EUR.
  • If you can't find a product you're looking for, a great way to get G2A promo code is to buy gaming gift cards. You'll find several that are sold anywhere from 5% to 10% off their value.
  • G2A has a loot system where you redeem mystery boxes. You will need loot points to purchase these boxes and can get loot points by purchasing them, referring others to G2A coupons, or joining the G2A Plus membership.
  • G2A offers a membership that gives you exclusive G2A deals on games, savings on purchases, and a free game every month. The list of games includes games from independent developers, AAA games, and even popular online multiplayer games. You can join for $2.49 a month.
  • Join G2A’s Goldmine Referral program. For every person who has used your link, you’ll get a reward.
  • Shop during G2A’s seasonal sales. They typically have sales around the big holidays and have savings up to 25% or more.

G2A Holiday Sales

G2A generally has sales around popular holidays and has seasonal sales that can give customers discounts of 25% off or more.

Best Way To Finding a Deal at G2A

One of the best places to find a G2A discount code is by looking through their trending products to see specific, popular items that are discounted. This isn't the only way to find a good deal, but it's a good starting point.

How To Apply an G2A Discount Code

Using a G2A discount code is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Look at the G2A coupons offered by GetCouponCode for G2A games and plans.

  2. On G2A’s main website, pick the items that your G2A coupons apply to.

  3. At the checkout page is when you’ll insert your G2A promo codes.

  4. You must do this before actually making any purchases.

  5. Click Apply to see your discount.

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